Is Kinesiology Right For You?

Handling First Year Kinesiology

Posted by Justin Lee on October 08th, 2020

Hi everyone, my name is Justin and I am a third year student currently enrolled in the faculty of kinesiology at UBC. Kinesiology by definition is the study of human movement, if you have a passion for health and fitness this is the perfect fit for you! Through kinesiology you will learn a basic understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics. I found these courses very interesting and important because you can come to understand how the human body functions and what is happening to your body when you exercise.

Although coming into university for the very first time is a horrifying task, I can assure that the kinesiology community is full of positive energy, support, and most importantly fun! We all know working up the energy to talk to new people may be hard, but UBC provides amazing opportunities to develop friendships through school wide events such as imagine day, the AMS welcome back BBQ, and many more. Not only will you have the opportunity to attend these events, there are special Kinesiology events that will allow you to create everlasting memories in your first year! The most notable one is the first year Kinesiology camp (Kin camp). The few days spent in the wild playing games surrounded by people who are all in it together to make it through school and make new friends made Kin camp the most memorable part of first year.

In addition to meeting new people, coming into UBC I worried about how I could adapt to university. My biggest tip to give to you guys to help adjust to the face paced University life is to learn how to have balance with what you put your time to. What helped me the most throughout first year was to be good with my time and allocate enough time to study before a big midterm/final. My technique is to create an excel spreadsheet that mapped out my mondays to fridays showing me what I am supposed to do at each hour of the day. This allowed me to see how much time I have in between classes, and how much time I have after school to put towards studying and homework.

My last pieces of advice for the new Kinners of UBC is to develop an open mind for new experiences, allocate time to spend with your friends, and most importantly to always put time away for yourself. A big driving factor that has pushed me this far into university was having a great group of people that support me, and whom I can ask for help from. On top of spending time with friends throughout my university career, having some alone time was one of the most healing and helpful things I did to help me regain focus and reduce stress. Alone time can come in many different forms at UBC, it could be a small nap in the IKB library, a peaceful walk at the nitobe garden, or even a workout at the UBC fitness gyms! UBC Kinesiology is full of exciting opportunities to learn, but more importantly will allow you to develop and grow your strengths. Remember to take care of your own health throughout the school year by eating all meals and giving yourself a break from time to time!

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